Rewriting the Earliest Cartographic History
of the Heartland of North America


NOT AUTHENTIC The Louis Jolliet Map is not a valid 17th century document. It was plagiarized in the 19th Century.
NOT AUTHENTIC The Jacques Marquette Map is not a valid 17th Century document. It, too, 19th Century plagiarisms.
NOT AUTHENTIC The Etymology of Chicago derives from LaSalle's vision-quest for the River of DeSoto, not a plant.
        Open Letter to John F. Swenson Regarding the Smelly Onion Theory

Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter
for the Chicago Tribune, the late William Mullen:

       Carl and I have communicated numerous times about this research, by phone, email, and in person. Between assignments for the Chicago Tribune, I've been carefully reviewing 17 nth century documents and what later historians have had to say about them - at times in consultation with Professor Weber.
     Using his core work in this area, my intention is to publish a piece about French colonial America, inquiring into some of the inaccuracies that have long been considered established fact regarding the foundational histories of the regions of the Mississippi Valley, the Illinois Valley and the Chicago area. In my evaluation, and in that of some distinguished experts, his pursuit of historical truth has resulted in some very unusual discoveries. They will merit some basic revisions in the historical record.


1650 Sanson, North
America link

1675 Ayer 48 Bernou link 1684 Franquelin, North America link
1656 Sanson New
Mexico and Florida link
1674 Ayer 48 Anonymous link

1686 Franquelin, North America link

1669 Galinee, Great Lakes link

1674 Jolliet/Brown (1880s Fake) link

1688 Franquelin, North America link
1671 Lake Superior, arguably
by Hughes Randin, link
1674 Camel Map 1 link

1688 Coronelli link

1671 Manitoumie link 1674 North America, Sanson-Jaillot link 1688 Coronelli Gore link
1681 Thevenot, Mississippi Valley link 1675 Camel Map 2 link 1691 LeClerq, North America link
1671 Ellington Stone 1683 Minet/LaSalle, Original link 1698 Hennepin, New World link
1674 Marquette Map (19th Century Fake) link 1683 Minet/LaSalle Map Weber Enhanced link, 1700 Codex Canadiensis link
1674 Marquette Map (19th Century Fake), Printed in J.G.Shea, 1852 link

1683 Hennepin, North America link

1674 Jolliet/Randin link 1675 Anonymous Missionary Fake link    

1674 Rand in, North America link

1683 Baron (?), North America link    
1674 Rand in, North America link 1683 Refeix, not authentic, latitudes plagiarized from Ayer 48 type link    
1675 Ayer 48 Final, North America link

1684 Jolliet, Hudson Bay link


Carl J. Weber, Music by Ray Lynch.